Tin miniatures

In our assortment you will find various high quality series of pewter miniatures. You will meet there among other things, his majesty King Ludwig, as king in our royal Bavarian chess. Likewise, you will find various historic ships and beer wagons, the Rocket, as well as the first German railroad, the Adler. These we have after two years of research and development work also brought as a drivable H0 model in a high quality collector on the rails. Our pewter miniatures assortment was further expanded in 2009 with the acquisition of the Busch-Zinn company.

Our newly developed pewter casting process allows us to produce three-dimensional pewter parts up to a size of 55 cm. With this process we can produce miniatures and technical parts in small and large series. Miniatures can also be customized and made according to your ideas. Which pewter miniature can we make for you? 


Our products


over 100 different professions


True to nature 3D representation, partly with rhinestones or crystal ball


A variety of vehicles: trains, planes, ships, firefighters and more


Many sights like castles and figures in different sizes and designs


A selection of the most beautiful motifs. Every year a new motif appears


Almost anything is possible